I joined the WingTjun class over a year ago when Sifu Chris approached me in the town centre whilst I was on my lunch break. I put it down to fate due to the fact I had only been looking to join a martial arts class a couple of days before.
Through extensive training I have now accomplished my 6th Grade and looking forward to reaching my Grade 12 - black belt. The skills I have learnt I will keep for the rest of my life and when I can practice every day.

I have found the system very practical and I am confident that it would be a very effective way to defend myself if left with no choice. Moving forward it will also become a feasible defence against multiple attackers, as it is developed to Work in real life scenarios.

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Gareth Roberts, Editor

From the first class I felt significantly more confident in my ability to defend myself. After 5 months I am still constantly impressed how practical and intelligent the WingTjun system is. It is based on an excellent understanding of body mechanics allowing a weaker victim to defend themselves successfully against a much stronger opponent. In addition , the teaching method in WT is very much "hands on".
The majority of each class involves contact with various partners of differing strengths and builds. The atmosphere in class is friendly and encouraging. The instructor Sifu Chris watts is extremely professional and helpful.

Jamie Herbert, Sales Manager